About Bleser Insurance Group 

We all have stories and experiences that motivate us. Here is the story of why the founder of Bleser Insurance Group was inspired to provide affordable insurance in Texas and other states.

Why I Got My Health Insurance License

Being self-employed with three great kids, I used to only care about the cost of my monthly premium, and other than that, my health insurance was not something I thought about because my family had always been happy and healthy.

Amid the “Snow Apocalypse of 2021” in Texas, my youngest son was diagnosed with a chronic illness and spent five days at the hospital. While sitting in this hospital room, I began thinking about my health insurance coverage. Quickly, the thinking turned to worry. I had so many questions and nowhere to get answers. My insurance agent wasn’t any help at all.

When my son was discharged from the hospital, I felt there had to be a better way to treat people in their time of need. They need to know someone is there to support them when dealing with an unexpected health crisis. That is why I got my health insurance license, to help people like me find the best health insurance for them and their families.

Why I Got My Life Insurance License

While on vacation with my family, I gave my team the week off from work. I called one of my team members to check in on him since he had some issues with his knee. He was 62 years old and said he was feeling great and ready to get back to work soon. Hours later, he had a stroke and passed away. He was the first person I had ever hired at my company.

The sad thing is, he had no life insurance policy, not even term life insurance. His family had to ask for donations to pay for his funeral and later moved out of their house because they could not afford the mortgage without mortgage life insurance. No family should have to experience this. I asked myself… What kind of legacy do I want to leave for my kids? And I was motivated to ensure no other family has to go through that heartache. I want to give them the peace of mind that a life insurance policy will take care of their needs if a loved one passes away unexpectedly.

Bleser Insurance Group is a Marine Corps Veteran owned insurance company in Texas, and we operate by a strong set of convictions. We believe you deserve to have a group of licensed insurance agents who will support you during life’s unexpected moments. Regardless of whether or not it involves insurance, we are the group that will support you 24/7. We believe no one should have to raise funds to afford their loved one’s funeral, and we are committed to ensuring that never happens to our clients. We are dedicated to serving and protecting families by helping them be prepared for the unexpected.

Are you self-employed and looking for life insurance or health insurance coverage? Looking for group coverage? We will answer your questions and guide you through the insurance process. Contact Bleser Insurance Group today.

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